“Hello, my name is Jon and I’m a clinical counselor.”

Well first of all, my name isn’t really Jon.  I really am a clinical counselor, or therapist. I live in a mid-sized city in the Pacific Northwest. I work with individuals and couples, and the occasional family group. I help people with issues ranging from mild anxiety to deep trauma, addictions and depression.

I have been a Buddhist for close to twenty years, and my contemplative practice informs every aspect of my life. I am a husband and a father.

I am also addicted to Internet pornography. I suffer from depression, often quite severe. I doubt my abilities as a therapist, as a father, and as a human being. I have major crises of faith, I fall apart.

It has always been helpful to me to look at myself through the lens of writing. I am definitely one of those therapists who went to school to study psychology in order to help myself. And in many ways, I have gotten a lot better. In other ways, I am still stumbling through the dark, blind as anyone. For me, it is this interplay of light and dark, of knowing and un-knowing, of addiction and salvation that makes life interesting.

Although I do not try to give my clients the impression that I am perfect or have no problems, it is obviously an important part of the therapeutic process that the focus is on their issues, not mine. This blog is a forum in which I can openly attempt to shine the light of my own wisdom through the screen of my own suffering. It is my hope that with honesty and heart, some interesting images may arise.