June 9, 2016

Well, that threw me for a loop. Always does, or almost always. Nothing messes with my center of gravity like a visit from my mom.

Got thrown completely off the diet. I realized that the diet is actually a kind of front-line defense against the porn use. The diet is all about being resourced and not depleted, because it’s when I feel weak and depleted that I’m most likely to use. So again: No alcohol, coffee, sugar, dairy, or wheat. Very tight on the alcohol, coffee and sugar; a bit looser on the others.

Got to watch the bottom lines as well. I notice I get very resistant… if I tell myself that I can’t binge-read all the top twenty lists on Rotten Tomatoes, I tend to rebel against myself and do just that. So I have decided to take up a less damaging vice: I bought myself a mystery novel.

Anyway, just wanted to check in and let the world (and myself) know I’m not lost.


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