Embarrassment, but accountability: I did a Google image search for the words “thigh gap.” Oh c’mon!




  1. That was the kind of road I often walked down as well. Good on you for recognizing it and admitting your part in it! I find it helpful to get back on track by doing the rest of a tenth step: make amends, ask God to please take the feelings away from you and help you to stop doing that, and then do an act of service for someone else right away.

    Do you know what led you to do that? Can you work backwards to the source of your trigger?

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  2. This act of service thing is great. The problem with slips is that they linger, and the act of service, along with the prayer, blows away the feeling that I have already failed. It returns me to the self that I want to be, so that I am left with that association instead of being left alone with my addict self. This is something I have never tried in this context and the feeling is completely different.

    In terms of the trigger, it was mostly having too much free time between sessions, as well as some minor anxiety and depression that were just making me uncomfortable. I had tried to meditate earlier in the day and been too anxious. Also, weirdly, I had spent much of the morning working on the blog, and responding to other people’s blogs. I was feeling really good about that part of my life, and not that excited about being at work.

    I am going to take some time to think about what I could have done differently.

    Thanks, Mike.


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